Highly visible on Google – HOW??

You can make your website appear high on Google at no cost, but then you have to deserve to be seen. It is called SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization and in Swedish it will be search engine optimization or the shorter search engine optimization. It requires a lot of work. Here we offer a guide to how to get high on Google — for free.

Google search engine optimization requires content

There are no shortcuts or magic wands that will make you appear on Google using search engine optimization. What you do is customize the content on your website and match it to what people are looking for.

A good foundation for SEO on the website

Foremost, you need to have a website that is built properly. This is something you can control, for example through the free SEOquake tool which is available as an add-on to Chrome. You should also check that your site has:

  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap
  • a language set for the website
  • a Google Analytics account linked to the page
  • Included incorrectly built website

If someone has helped you build the website, it should include this in the website’s delivery. It is not something that anyone should charge more for, as it is part of the foundation of a properly built website.

Make your website visible in searches

If you just launched a website and want it to appear on Google, you need to tell Google that the website exists. You do this in the Google Search Console. Search Console is the only tool that you can communicate with Google and is by far the most important tool if you want to be seen on Google.

  • Step by step to make your website appear on Google:
  • Tell Google that the website is in the Google Search Console
  • Write optimized texts that people are looking for
  • Work with links from other websites that point to you.
  • Repeat steps two and three and wait.
  • In the Google Search Console you can:
  • Get information on how your website is doing
  • Find out how people search for your services
  • Find the links that point to your page
  • Find information about which country’s people search for your website from

Once you have reported your website to Google, you need to wait a few days before they indexed it, and you can start collecting data.

If you still have not got your page on Google within the next week, you can inbox me and I will look at the page and find out why it is not visible.

When will your website appear on Google?

Once you have verified that your page is built properly, you need to consider when you want your page to appear on Google.

The answer is that you want your page to be highly visible on Google when people search for products and services that you offer, i.e. when it is relevant for you to be visible. You need to come up with words and phrases that are important and relevant to you or your business.

Relevant search phrases that people use

Then you need to check that there is a sufficient amount of search on the words or phrases you have chosen for it to be worth working with them. You also want to get high traffic on these keywords and phrases. How many others work with just those words, and how well have they worked with search engine optimization?

Hard competition?

If there is a lot of competition and many who have done solid search engine optimization work, it may be worth trying to find alternatives to the keywords and phrases or make them a little narrower to make it easier to get to the front page of Google search results.

Tip: Try the Ubersuggest tool from Google guru Neil Patel to see the search volume and difficulty of your search phrases. 

Why should you be highly regarded on Google?

This may seem like a silly question, you probably want more visitors to your site to have a greater chance of turning them into customers. But the question is in what way do you make them customers? What do you want them to do when they come to your website? Do you want them to call you, contact you via a form or make a purchase directly on the page?

To end up high on Google 2021 through search engine optimization

We have written an entire guide that is adapted to be visible on Google 2021. In the guide, we discuss the options available to be visible on Google, paid, organic and in the local search on Google Maps.

This is important for how the page you have search engine optimized should be designed. It’s not just about being highly visible on Google, but also about managing the position you work your way up to.

Appears at the top of Google — The practical

When the website is in good condition, and you have chosen words or phrases you want to work with, it is time to start with a so-called landing page. The landing page is a specific page on the site whose entire point and focus is to be well-designed for the exact keyword or search phrase you have worked with on the specific page.

It is important that you only work with one word or search phrase per page. It is not a good idea to work with several words or phrases on the same page — then it is better to make several landing pages.

One on Google with search engine optimization

Being number one on Google is easy if you choose search phrases that no one has optimized for. Keep this in mind when you want to be number one on Google when there is competition.

  • Focus on keywords with high search volume and low competition.
  • Think about whether you want to be number one with ads or organic hits.
  • Optimize to rank number one with a featured snippet.
  • What have those who are number one today done to end up there?

However, if you want to get number one on Google on things that many are looking for and where the competition is fierce, more work is required. Choose search phrases you want to rank high on and where there is still good business to do.

Start with an SEO analysis

If you want to work with search engine optimization yourself, you can start with an SEO analysis of your website. Then you get a good foundation that describes where you stand today and how you can continue working with SEO. Either by doing it yourself or that we as an SEO agency help you.

Highly visible on Google’s guide in search engine optimization

The cost of investing in Google search engine optimization will pay off many times over if you do it right from the start. Make sure you get a good foundation and then continue to build on your site and update it to continue to influence the ranking positively.


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