Google SEO 2021 Ranking Factors — TOP 10 

A ranking factor is something you do to get Google to rank your website higher. It can be about things you do on your website or on other pages. Here, we have compiled a top 10 list of what the most important ranking factors are for you to succeed with SEO 2021.

The top list of ranking factors is not an exact science, as Google does not go out with all its algorithms. See the list as a sign of what works now and has worked in the past. Our experience and those who have performed thousands of tests form the basis of the list.

Google has over 200 ranking factors, all of which have different relevance and impact on your rankings in the search results. Focus on the ranking factors that make the biggest impact, and it will be easier to work with search engine optimization.

Ranking factor 10:

Bounce Rate / Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate or BR is the number of people who do not interact with your website after entering it. Simply put, it is if someone clicks into your page, reads for a short while and then goes back to the search result without having clicked on anything or finished reading.

Check which of your pages has the highest Bounce Rate in Google Analytics and do something about the cause. Of course, some sites will always have a high bounce rate. Think about whether you can lift certain information higher, or if your introduction is too difficult to get through.

Bounce Rate BR
How someone interacts on your website is an important ranking factor. Try lowering your Bounce Rate. You can check the bounce rate on Google Analytics platform.

Clarification1: Look at your Organic Traffic Bounce Rate and focus on why someone left. Display advertising and other click advertising can give misleading figures as they naturally have a high BR.

Clarification 2: Also look at how long a visitor stays on your page. BR itself can mislead if someone stays a long time and reads your content without interacting with the content. It can be so simple that high Bounce Rate (BR) is because of someone actually finding what one was looking for. The combination of high BR and short time on the side is where you should look.

Ranking factor 9:

Searchable URLs 

A URL is the address that is at the top of the search field and tells a visitor where it has ended up. It also allows Google to understand what the page is about. Make sure your URLs have the following features to rank high on Google.

The URL should be beautiful and readable. This means that a page URLs should not be written but

The URL should contain the search phrase you want to rank high for. For example, /contact and /about-us are common pages that you can easily improve. If you are a designer, you can name them / contact-a-designer and / about-our-designers. This will get your most important keyword.

The URL tells what an individual page is about and is a ranking factor.

Ranking factor 8:

Search Engine Optimized Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. A thousand words outweigh an image for search engine optimization.

However, an image has some following advantages:

We can see the image on Google image search. Google the world’s most handsome man, and you will understand what I mean. There, a picture says more than a million words.

The image makes it easier for your reader to absorb your message and simplifies reading.

An image makes people stop and reflect, or maybe laugh for a while.

Image ALT tag SEO Tip
The primary ranking factor in image searches is the ALT text.

Here are some tips for your images to perform SEO well:

  • Give the images a correct ALT text that describes them. Preferably containing your desired search phrase. 
  • Rename the image to what it contains before uploading it.
  • Compress the images to a maximum of 500 KB, and preferably smaller if you want them on the website.

Ranking factor 7: 

External links pointing to your website

Yes, in 2021, links are still an important ranking factor. See every link that points to your website from another domain as a voice that your content is worth reading. Google wants to display content that is credible to its users, and then links are an important signal.

Do not see links as the solution to everything, but you must first ensure that both the technical and the content are on your website before links are interesting.

The strength and credibility of your website that you build with the help of links is a ranking factor

Ranking factor 6:

Website speed

Google prioritizes a fast website. Waiting for a slow page to load is not what people enjoy — we humans have completely lost patience. If the page does not load in 3 seconds, half of the visitors will leave your page without waiting for it to load.

So you lose 50% of all potential customers if your website loads slower than 3 seconds.

It negatively affects your bounce rate and user experience. If you have WordPress, move to the fastest web host for WordPress. It’s Quick and easy.

Read article on how website speed affects Google Ranking.

Ranking factor 5:

Security and encryption

Your website must be secure to use and encrypted with an SSL certificate. This is the small padlock at the top left of the browser. It is a simple measure and rarely costs anything to get from your domain manager / web host. You do not want to give your visitors a warning that the site is not secure, especially if you are an E-merchant and handle card information.

An SSL certificate is an important ranking factor. See the padlock on the left before the URL.

Ranking factor 4: 

Mobile Friendliness / Responsiveness

Your website should work automatically on all monitors, devices or computers used. Google assumes when it will rank your page based on how your website looks on a mobile device. Make sure Google sees your website correctly and readable. All new CMS such as WordPress and Squarespace automatically turn the page into a mobile device, but you should double-check this.

Mobile friendly responsive website design SEO
Responsive Website = Ranking factor

Ranking factor 3:

Tell Google that your website exists

What does it matter how much time you spend on ranking factors if Google does not know your website exists or can not read the content? Launch the Google Search Console and tell Google that your website is live and ready to be indexed. Check that your sitemap has been submitted and has been accepted by Google. 

Ranking Factor 2:


The meta title is the single most important ranking factor that Google looks at. If you only have 10 minutes left, think about the titles on your pages. The title appears as the main heading in the search result and what a searcher first sees and decides whether to click on it.

By the way, did I mention that the title was extremely important?

If you are still reading, stop and write a note about adjusting the titles on your website.

The title is primarily visible from Google Search engine results page (SERP) and is the most important ranking factor.

The tip that trumps all ranking factors together

Ranking Factor 1:

Content on your website that answers the applicant’s question / intention

You need to have content on your website to rank high. Focus on content that answers the question that the searcher is looking for answers to.

Google does not automatically know what your website is about unless you tell the search engine what the visitor expects to find when they enter.

The worn-out phrase “Content is king” is still alive. If you have no content on your website that answers the question that the search should answer, you will not rank high on Google.

Write the content well, unique and which delivers a value to the person reading it. Both people and search engines. Content is mainly about SEO text but can also be images, graphs, videos and other interactive things that explain what you want to convey.

Content that answers the search query = Ranking factor # 1

Top list of ranking factors for SEO 2021

Here is the list of ranking factors you should focus on succeeding on Google 2021. Start from the top and work your way down. Some points you can arrange directly, while others take a little longer to optimize.

Here were the Top 10 ranking and website optimization tips to rank your content in search engine.

  • The title of your pages
  • Mobile friendly website
  • SSL encryption
  • Fast charging time
  • External links
  • Search engine optimized images
  • Readable URLs
  • Bounce Rate from organic search
  • Conclusion about ranking factors on Google


There are over 200 ranking factors that can affect how you will rank on Google. In addition, you can rank in different ways depending on how you optimize. Map searches, image searches and voice searches are becoming more common. Do not miss those opportunities.


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